Outgoing Wire Transfer$20.00
International Wire Transfer$30.00
Stop Payment$15.00
Stop Payment, Each Additional Item$1.75
Excessive Withdrawals per Month:
10 Over-the-Counter Withdrawals by CASH Free, then
$0.50 each
3 Over-the-Counter Withdrawals by CHECK free,$1.00 each
Void Counter Check$5.00
Research Fee$20.00/hr
Archived Statement Fee (Older than 2 Years)$1.00/page
VISA Gift Card (Loadable up to $500)$3.00/card (Travel Card $5.00/card)
ACH Return or Courtesy Pay$20.00
Microfilm Copy of Draft$3.00
Return Check Fee or Courtesy Pay$20.00
Automatic Transfer to cover overdraft$3.00/transmission
(ACH, Checking, & Debit)
Lost or Stolen Checkbook (close account, open new)
Debit Card NSF overdraft / Courtesy Pay$20.00
Replace Lost or Stolen Debit Card$20.00
Interest Rate Reduction:
Consumer loan
Mortgage Loan$500.00